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Corporate Tax Applications

By Tax Professionals. . . For Tax Professionals

GAGNONware™ was established by Boston-based GAGNON, the tax consulting firm known since 2001 for providing large firm quality with a small firm's dedication to client service.

Each solution we offer was carefully selected for development in response to a recognized need experienced by GAGNON corporate tax clients. Our applications are designed to address that need, with an experience that is comfortable for the user, and with results that reflect both clarity and flexibility.

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GAGNONware tax applications improve your tax department

Our applications and tools solve problems you actually have. All of our solutions are designed to resolve issues identified by experienced tax professionals working in and for real corporate tax departments.

GAGNONware tax applications work the way real tax professionals work

Our solutions work with you, not against you. You provide only the information you would expect to need, through a logical workflow and intuitive interface.

GAGNONware tax applications report meaningful results

Reporting from our applications permits you to gain deeper visibility into your company’s tax results. They are designed to allow for maximum flexibility in providing what you need know where you need to see it.

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