Initial user training is included with your Basic Support subscription. We host a demo webcast for GAGNONware™ Provision with Q&A on the 15th, or the first business day after, of each month.

GAGNONware applications are so easy to use, anyone can pass it on to new users. Additional training may not be necessary, but is always available to fit your needs.


Our goal is to respond to support requests within 1 hour and to resolve support issues within 24 hours. Support is always available during regular business hours. Support will be on standby during non-business hours at no additional charge upon your request in advance. On-site support is available upon request.

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GAGNONware is the tax application development arm of the Boston-based corporate tax consulting firm GAGNON. GAGNONware is focused on developing relevant, usable corporate tax applications that deliver the expected results with clarity. GAGNONware provides corporate tax consulting, compliance and tax technology services to companies that range from global, market-leading, publicly-held companies to privately-held, early-stage or emerging businesses across an array of industries.
GAGNONware Provision™ is a simple, clean and accurate solution to the many problems associated with the spreadsheets used in your historical calculation of tax provisions.
GAGNONware Provision is simple, clean and accurate. It solves the problems associated with the use of spreadsheets, is simple to setup, easy to use and gives you clear, structured reports and easy data export for unlimited analytics.
GAGNONware Reports™ are custom Oracle tax reports that supplement out-of-the-box Oracle tax reports with missing but critical information frequently needed by tax professionals.
GAGNONware tax applications are designed to require minimal installation. For example, GAGNONware Provision is a SaaS solution securely accessed from any location on any computer with a connection to the internet.
Sit back and relax. Initial setup and training is included in all GAGNONware Basic Support subscriptions. Additionally, implementation can be completed by a GAGNONware team, usually remotely and in as little as one day. You may also choose to implement GAGNONware tax applications with your internal resources.
Yes. Your data and all GAGNONware products that are not resident on your secure internal systems are hosted on secure cloud servers provided by GAGNON. These servers can only be accessed using SSL encryption, the same security you use to access your personal bank accounts! All GAGNONware cloud applications undergo intrusive testing by a third party web security company, and are certified as secure. Additionally, all hosted data and products are automatically backed up for your protection.
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