GAGNONware Provision

GAGNONware™ Provision provides a comprehensive corporate tax provision solution specifically designed for companies struggling through the many limitations of spreadsheets, where neither the need nor budget is present for the expensive and complicated bloatware offered by giant tax compliance software developers.

This robust online platform will allow your organization to transition its worldwide tax provision calculations from the complicated workpapers you use now to a predictable SaaS solution with:

  • Increased productivity and collaboration,
  • Data integrity, and
  • Audit visibility.

GAGNONware Reports

GAGNONware Reports are our custom tax reports for Oracle that automatically provide you with the key transaction and other tax intelligence that is missing from standard Oracle and tax system reports.



GAGNONware has a number of corporate tax applications currently in development. Look for the following solutions soon:

  • Application to optimize sales apportionment sourcing for multistate service organizations, and
  • Applications to contemporaneously capture and maintain relevant data for detail-intensive federal tax components such as R&D credits and M&E deductions.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for future GAGNONware applications, or to suggest useful solutions for your tax department, please contact us here.

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